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[Heroes of Street]街頭英雄手冊相關

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地區背景(Regional Traits)
Born into the Church
As a child, you were given to a religious order by your
family, either to save you from poverty or to serve your
community’s religious ideals.
Cloistered Upbringing (Any City): Growing up among acolytes or monks, you were exposed to their supernatural power. You gain a +1 trait bonus on saving throws against the supernatural effects of channeled energy or abilities powered by ki, and regain 1 additional hit point when healed by supernatural effects.

受監護的教養(Cloistered Upbringing,任何城市)【HoSH】:你在侍僧或武僧的照看下長大,或是暴露於他們的超自然力量之下。你的豁免檢定獲得+1背景加值,你在對抗由引導能量/氣造成的超自然效果時獲得+1背景加值,並在超自然效果治療時恢復1點額外生命值。

You hail from a family of respectable business owners or workers. You maintain a connection to commerce by seeking out trade opportunities in your travels. Alternatively, you left business behind because you found it boring or because you saw adventuring as a way to attain
much more wealth than is possible with a craft or trade.
Diligence (Any City): You grew up helping with a family business or were mentored by an expert in some craft or profession, who taught you diligence. Select one specific Craft or Profession skill. You can take 20 with that skill in half the amount of time normally required to take 20.


Your birth is a mystery, as you were abandoned at a young
age to strangers or an orphanage. You might have found
a mentor, but more likely grew up with little guidance or
support. Foundlings commonly have the Adopted social trait.
Lost Origins (Any City): You are disconnected from your heritage and do what you can to learn more about where your family is or where your people came from. Knowledge (local) is always a class skill for you, and you can always take 10 on Knowledge (local) checks, even when stress or distractions would normally prevent you from doing so.

迷失起源(Lost Origins,任何城市)【HoSH】:你與你的血脈斷絕關係,你總是盡你所能去了解你的家庭在哪里或你的人來自哪裡。 知識(本地)對你而言始終是一項本職技能,即使壓力或分心下你也可以在知識(本地)檢查中取10。

Your family came to a big city to find new opportunities unavailable in your former home. You have worked hard to overcome the culture shock of new laws, customs,
prejudices, and slang common in your new environment.
Cultivated (Any City): You grew up speaking multiple languages. You learn one additional language. Additionally, when attempting a Diplomacy check to gather information using this language, you can do so in 1d6 × 10 minutes, rather than the normal 1d4 hours.

你的家人來到一個大城市,尋找你以前的家中找不到的新機會。 你已經努力克服新環境中新的法律,慣例,偏見和俚語的文化衝擊。

You were born into a group that is respected by the peopleof your hometown, and enjoyed the benefit of the doubt in nearly all your dealings. You may have used this trust to help make your home a better place, or you may have taken advantage of it to perform crimes while maintaining an appearance of innocence.
Good Folk (Any City): People’s faith in you tends to run deeper than their trust of others. You gain a +2 bonus on Charisma checks and Charisma-based skill checks with creatures that have a friendly or helpful attitude towards you. 

你出生在一個受到家鄉人尊敬的群體中,幾乎在你所有的交易中都享受到了懷疑的好處。 你可能已經利用這種信任來幫助你的家變得更好,或者你可能已經利用它來犯罪,同時保持無辜的樣子。
好傢伙(Good Folk,任何城市)【HoSH】:人們對你的信任往往比對別人的更深刻。你在對那些對你有友善或樂於助人的生物的魅力檢定和基於魅力的技能檢定獲得+2加值,

Rags to Riches
Luck carried you from poverty into wealth in your youth.Perhaps you were a starving orphan when you met and charmed a good-hearted noble, who adopted you. Or maybe you were simply a hard worker whose earnestness inspired others to support your family’s business until it f lourished.
Charmed Innocent (Any City): Your apparent good nature or playful charm makes nonevil creatures want to like you. Once per day, before you roll any Charisma check or Charisma-based skill check against a nonevil creature, you can roll twice and take the better result.

天然呆萌(Charmed Innocent,任何城市)【HoSH】:你看起來天然無害的魅力,使得非邪惡生物

Raised Outside the Law
You grew up around people who constantly had to hide their activities from rivals and the authorities. These were likely criminals or spies, but could also be good folk whose
innocuous activities were outlawed by an uncompromising government. You never knew whom you could trust or what personal detail would give you away to your pursuers.You might take to the life of a spy or revolutionary as easily as that of a traditional adventurer.
Cunning Liar (Any City): You were forced into hiding or willingly went on the run at a young age, and learned to reading others’ interests to inform your lies. You can use your Intelligence or Wisdom modifier in place of your Charisma modifier on Bluff checks.

狡猾的騙子(Cunning Liar,任何城市)【HoSH】:

In your youth, you ran away from home. It might have been an unsafe place for you. Alternatively, you might have simply wished to have your own adventures unimpeded by
your family, though you keep in touch to let them know you are safe.
Street Wary (Any City): You learned to take care of yourself on the streets and know the warning signs ofhostile intent. Sense Motive is always a class skill for you,
and you gain a +2 trait bonus on Sense Motive checks to
get a hunch.

在你年輕的時候,你離家出走了。 這對你來說可能是一個不安全的地方。 或者,您可能只是想讓您的家人不受阻礙,儘管您保持聯繫,讓他們知道您是安全的。
街頭警惕(Street Wary,任何城市)【HoSH】:你學會了在街上照顧自己,並且知道敵意的警示標誌。察顏觀色始終是你的本職技能,並且您在察顏觀色的檢定上獲得+2背景加值

City Defenders
Gralton Citizen’s Directorate
Gralton is a River Kingdom peopled by expatriates from revolutionary Galt. The city government established this official organization to uncover Galtan secret agents
plotting dangerous political intrigues. The people appreciate the work done by Directorate operatives but frequently seek to lure them into helping with one secret scheme or another to reclaim something lost in Galt (or Galt itself ).
Vigilant Spycatcher (Social): Paranoid parents or a military trainer taught you to keep vigilant for spies. If you roll less than 10 on Perception checks to see through
disguises, determine your result as if you had rolled 10.

社會背景(Social Traits)
警戒間諜抓捕人(Vigilant Spycatcher)【HoSH】:偏執的父母或軍事教練教你保持對間諜的警惕。如果您在檢查偽裝的察覺檢定上低於10,則可以視同丟出10。

Sable Company Mercenaries
The Sable Company protects in the southern Varisian city of Korvosa from threats that include pirates, smugglers, and Shoanti raiders. The company famously prefers aerial assaults and reconnaissance upon hippogriff mounts, but also employs infiltration tactics. Although the city has a monarch, the Sable Company answers to the seneschal of Castle Korvosa. Some Korvosans admire the Sable Company, but many are wary, given the complicated nature of the mercenaries’loyalties.
Cutting Condescension (Social): The Sable Company has taught you to quickly get compliance from those in your way. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Intimidate checks to force a creature to act friendly towards you, and can attempt such checks in half the normal time.

切割屈辱(Cutting Condescension)【HoSH】:Sable Company已經教會你快速的【用你的方式】讓人配合你,你在威嚇檢定上獲得+2特性加值,強制生物對你表現友善,並且可以在正常時間的一半時間嘗試進行這種檢定。

Wave Riders
Members of the sea cavalry of Absalom ride hippocampi into battle against seafaring threats to their island home.They often train as bombers, raiders, and mounted archers. The citizens of Absalom respect their defenders and know better than to trif le with them.
Seafaring Reputation (Social): The Wave Riders’ fame helps you convince seafarers to cooperate. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks
against sailors and residents of Absalom.

航海名譽(Seafaring Reputation)【HoSH】:Wave Riders的名聲可以幫助你說服水手合作。 你對Absalom的水手和居民的交涉和威嚇檢定獲得+1背景加值。

Magnimar City Watch
Magnimar’s city watch is tasked with both guarding its walls (which rarely face serious attack) and patrolling the streets to catch dangerous cultists, Sczarni thieves, and
anyone else breaking the relatively straightforward laws of the city. The watch is well liked because its officers are known to be generally reasonable—and because the members of the organization regularly put on exciting mock-gladiatorial performances.
Mock Gladiator (Social): You have learned how to work a crowd in Magnimar’s mock-gladiator fights. Choose one weapon. You take no penalty on attack rolls when dealing nonlethal damage with that weapon, and once per day if you score a critical hit with the weapon, you can immediately attempt an Intimidate check to demoralize your target.

嘲笑角鬥(Mock Gladiator)【HoSH】:你已經學會如何在瑪格尼瑪的嘲笑角斗中戰鬥。選擇一種武器。在使用該武器造成非致命傷害時,你不會受到攻擊檢定上的懲罰,並且如果你使用該武器獲得致命一擊,每天一次,你可以用一個直覺動作嘗試威嚇檢定來挫敗目標。

Westcrown Dottari
The dottari (Chelish city guard) of Westcrown must be careful of the magical creatures and powerful criminals that stalk the night. While competent in most situations, dottari are treated with suspicion by many citizens, some of whom actually place more trust in local criminal leaders.
Wiscrani Ear (Social): You have a keen ear for the movements of thieves and monsters. You can always take 10 on Perception checks, even when stress and distractions
would normally prevent you from doing so.

維斯卡尼之耳(Wiscrani Ear)【HoSH】:你對盜賊和怪物的移動特別敏感。 你可以在察覺檢定中始終取10,即使壓力和分心下阻止你這麼做。

Zephyr Guard
The Zephyr Guard are primarily charged with catching magical thieves and destroyers of property, as well as protecting members of Katapesh's elite. The merchants of the city greatly respect the Zephyr Guard, but visitors who are unfamiliar with their reputation sometimes give them trouble.
Practiced Disruptor (Social): You are experienced at facing off against spellcasters. You can attempt Knowledge (arcana) checks untrained; if you have ranks in that skill, you instead gain a +1 trait bonus on those checks. The concentration DC to cast a spell defensively in your threatened area increases by 1.

練習干擾者(Practiced Disruptor):你有對抗施法者的經驗。你可以嘗試未經訓練的知識(神秘)檢定; 如果你擁有該技能的等級,那麼你在這些檢定上獲得+1背景加值。在你的威脅區域防禦式施法,專注檢定DC增加1。

文章: 938
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Cunning Caster
Whether a smuggler or spy, you’ve learned to use misdirection and legerdemain to conceal your own magical abilities.
Prerequisites: Deceitful, ability to cast 1st-level spells.
Benefit: When casting a spell, you can attempt a Bluff check (opposed by observers’ Perception checks) to conceal your actions from onlookers. If the spell requires material components, you take a –4 penalty on the Bluff check. If the spell requires somatic components, you take a –4 penalty on the Bluff check. If the spell requires verbal components, you take a –4 penalty on the Bluff check. If the spell requires a focus or divine focus, you take a –4 penalty on the Bluff check. If the spell produces an obvious effect (such as a summoned creature or visible spell effect), you take a –4 penalty on the Bluff check,
and even if your check is successful, observers still see the spell effect (though they fail to notice that you are responsible for it). All Bluff check penalties are cumulative.

狡猾施法者(Cunning Caster)【AHoH】:
優勢:施放咒語時,你可以嘗試一個唬弄檢定(對觀察你的人的察覺檢定),以便隱瞞你的行為。 如果該法術具有材料成分,則在唬弄檢定中受到-4的懲罰。 如果咒語需要姿勢成份,則在唬弄檢定上受到-4的懲罰。 如果該法術需要語言,則在唬弄檢定中受到-4的懲罰。如果法術需要焦點或者神術焦點,則在唬弄檢定上受到-4點懲罰。
即使你的檢定成功了,觀察者仍然可以看到法術效果(儘管他們沒有注意到你對此負責)。 所有唬弄檢查減值都是可以疊加的。


Edge Runner
You move with speed and assurance in places that cause others to fall into danger.
Prerequisite: Dex 13.
Benefit: You can move at full speed while using Acrobatics to balance on narrow surfaces, and do not become f lat-footed or lose your Dexterity bonus to AC while doing so. You also gain a +4 bonus on Climb checks to catch yourself while falling. You also gain a +4 bonus on saving throws against effects that would cause you to fall into a pit (such
as create pit or a pit trap). This bonus does not apply to your CMD against bull rush or trip attacks.

邊緣跑者(Edge Runner)【AHoH】:
先決條件: 敏捷13。
優勢:你狹窄的平面上使用特技來全速移動,並且在這樣做時不會陷入措手不及。在攀登檢定中,你還可以獲得+4加值,以便墜落時接住自己。 對於可能導致你陷入坑內的效果,你也可以獲得+4加值
如陷阱或坑)。 這個加值不能用於對抗衝撞或者絆摔的CMD上。

Filth Forager
Your regular exposure to the filth and unfortunate residues common to sewers
and subterranean urban environs has caused you to develop a resistance to the effects of
such conditions.
Benefit: You gain a +4 bonus on all saving throws against diseases and any effect that would cause you to become nauseated or sickened.

污垢覓食(Filth Forager)【AHoH】:
先決條件: 無

Filthy Weapons (Combat)
You spread contagion with your weapons by covering their business ends in virulent muck and sewage.
Prerequisites: Knowledge (dungeoneering) 1 rank, Knowledge (nature) 1 rank.
Benefit: You can take a standard action to cover a weapon in decomposing waste, slimy filth, or other virulent agent. The next attack with that weapon that succeeds against a foe exposes the target to filth fever. If the attack is a critical hit, the filth fever has an onset time of 1 round, and a save DC equal to 10 + 1/2 your base attack bonus + your Intelligence modifier.

骯髒武器(Filthy Weapons)【AHoH】(戰鬥):

腐熱症(Filth Fever)
類型:疾病,傷口;豁免:強韌DC 12

Guild Emissary
Not only are you associated with a powerful thieves’ guild or similar shadowy group, you are well-enough connected to gain benefits when dealing with the underworld in
any settlement.
Prerequisite: Leadership or Underworld Connections(see below).
Benefit: You can attempt a special character level check (1d20 + your Charisma modifier + your character level) in place of a Diplomacy check when attempting to gather
information. You can ask local contacts to find information for you. While this still takes the normal amount of time (typically 1d4 hours), you can gather information about
multiple topics at once (up to a maximum number of topics equal to 3 + your Charisma bonus).

Additionally, when you are in a settlement no smaller than a small city and are seeking a magic item with a value equal to or less than the city’s base value (Pathfinder RPG
Core Rulebook 460–461) and the item is not available, you can check again after 1 day (rather than 1 week). If using the contact rules (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Campaign 148) you gain a single reliable contact each time you enter a settlement no smaller than a small city. This contact is randomly determined to be a fence, gossip, manipulator, merchant, petty criminal, snitch, or thug. The contact operates only within that city, and if the contact’s Trust score goes down, it immediately drops to 1.

公會使者(Guild Emissary)【AHoH】:
先決條件: 領導力或【黑社會聯繫】
優勢:你可以嘗試進行特殊的角色等級檢定(1d20 +你的魅力調整值+你的角色等級)來代替交涉檢定。你可以要求當地聯繫人為您查找信息。雖然這仍然需要正常的時間(通常為1小時4小時),但您可以收集有關的信息一次多個主題(最多主題數量等於3+你的魅力調整值)。
此外,當你在一個不小於一個小城市的解決方案中,並且正在尋找一個值等於或小於城市基值的魔法物品(Pathfinder RPG核心規則手冊460-461)並且該物品不合法,您可以在1天(而不是1週)後再次檢查。如果使用聯繫人規則(Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Campaign 148),您每次輸入不小於小城市的結算時,您將獲得一個可靠的聯繫人。這種聯繫被隨機確定為走私者,好事者,操縱者,商人,小罪犯,告密者或惡棍。聯繫人僅在該城市內運行,如果聯繫人的信任值下降,則立即降至1。

Mud in Your Eye (Combat)
You are used to fighting in muck and slime, and happily hurl it in your foes’ eyes in the heat of battle.
Prerequisite: Throw Anything.
Benefit: As a standard action when in urban or subterranean terrain, you can scoop filth, sewage, mud, or similar grime off a nearby surface and hurl it at a foe as a ranged touch attack with a range increment of 5 feet. If the attack hits, you can immediately attempt a dirty trickAPG combat maneuver against the target as a free action; this dirty trick can be used only to blind the target. As a ranged touch attack, this action provokes attacks of opportunity, even if your dirty trick attempts normally wouldn’t provoke
such attacks (such as via the Improved Dirty TrickAPG feat).
Special: A character with favored terrain (as the ranger class feature) can use this feat when in any of his favored terrains in addition to urban and subterranean.

眼裡有泥(Mud in Your Eye)【AHoH】(戰鬥):
先決條件: 隨手投擲

Rat Catcher (Combat)
You have a great deal of experience dealing with the subterranean pests common in cities.
Prerequisites: Knowledge (dungeoneering) 1 rank, base attack bonus +1.
Benefit: You gain a +1 dodge bonus against attacks made by creatures at least two size categories smaller than yourself, and gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls
against such creatures. Additionally, you take only half damage from swarm attacks, and as a full-round action can make a single attack with a natural or bludgeoning weapon against an adjacent swarm. If the attack hits, you deal half damage to the target, even if the swarm is small enough to normally be immune to such attacks.

抓貓人(Rat Catcher)【AHoH】:
此外,集群攻擊你只會造成一半傷害,並且以一個全回合攻擊,你可以使用天生武器或鈍擊武器對相鄰集群進行單次攻擊。 如果攻擊命中,對目標造成一半傷害,即使該目標小到可以免疫這些傷害。

Subtle Devices
You are skilled at concealing your use of magic items with guile and deft tricks.
Prerequisite: Stealthy.
Benefit: When triggering a wand, staff or any other magic item, you can attempt a Stealth check (opposed by observers’ Perception checks) to conceal the trigger from onlookers. If the magic item produces an obvious effect (such as a summoned creature or visible spell effect), you take a –4 penalty on the Stealth check, and even if your check is successful, observers still see the spell effect (though they fail to notice you are responsible for it).
微妙設備(Subtle Devices)【AHoH】:
先決條件: 【隱密】
優勢:當觸發魔杖,權杖或任何其他魔法物品時,您可以嘗試隱匿檢查(對抗觀察者的察覺檢定)以隱藏被察覺者的發現。 如果魔法物品產生明顯的效果(例如被召喚的生物或可見的法術效果),你會在隱匿檢定上受到-4的懲罰,即使你的檢定成功,觀察者仍會看到法術效果(儘管他們未能注意到你要對它負責)。

Throat Slicer (Combat)
Sometimes the only way to deal with those who see your illicit activities is to get rid of them.
Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +1.
Benefit: When using a 1-handed, light, or natural weapon, you can deliver a coup de grace to an unconscious, bound, or pinned target (though not other kinds of helpless
targets) as a standard action.

割喉者(Throat Slicer)【AHoH】(戰鬥):
先決條件: BAB+1

致命一擊(Coup de Grace, CDG):以一個整輪動作,你可以用一次近戰攻擊終結一個無助對手的性命。你也可以使用弓或弩發動CDG,不過前提是目標需要處於鄰接你的位置。CDG會自動命中目標且造成重擊。如果目標在受到了這次攻擊之後依然生存,那麼他還要再進行一次DC為「10+CDG傷害」的強韌豁免檢定,如果檢定失敗就會立刻死亡。盜賊能在進行CDG時加上自己的偷襲傷害。

Underworld Connections
You know people and things that interact with the underworld, whether through crime syndicate connections or friends that literally dwell beneath the surface.
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on all Knowledge (dungeoneering) checks and Survival checks while underground or in urban terrain.
Additionally, while within a settlement and attempting a check modified by that settlement’s corruption, crime, or economy modifiers (see Pathfinder RPG GameMastery Guide 205), you can use your knowledge of local contacts to gain a +4 bonus on that roll. However, if the check fails, anyone witnessing your attempt sees you committing some violation of local law.

黑社會聯繫(Underworld Connections)【AHoH】:
先決條件: 無
此外,在定居點試圖用腐敗,犯罪或經濟影響(see Pathfinder RPG GameMastery Guide 205),你可以使用知識或者知識【本地】來獲得+4調整值。如果檢定失敗,任何目擊你嘗試的人都會發現您違反了當地法律。


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